What We Do


From Motion Graphics and 3D Modeling Animation, to Video Production, to Application, to Interactive Design, Development for Touchscreen and Mobile Devices, Database Development to Server, to Lead Generational Solutions, Digital Syke has been developing hi-impact digital content and solutions since 1997.

We pride ourselves on constantly keeping pace with the changes in process, development trends, and new technologies, regardless of the delivery platform or the venue. From web based presentations and interactivity to disc based, live event and trade show venues to server side and database functionality, we are deeply committed to providing clients with powerful, impactful tools that maximize their return on investment.

And of course brand compliance and promotion, effective project management are at the center of our process and things we’ve done well since the beginning. With our rich, deep understanding of the art and technology of digital marketing—all the moving parts of the projects we bring to life makes us very successful at delivering original, visually compelling and functionally effective presentations. Simply put, we are very good at bringing our clients essential core messaging to life in a business environment dominated by ever changing and new marketing technologies.