Arista 7500 E



In April we finished up an exciting project for a technology company in which the client felt strongly that we should build the visual representation of their product from the ground up using 3D modeling and animation instead of shooting the real product in the studio here in Phoenix. It was felt that this was the best way to demonstrate the technology as well as make the investment in visuals as future-proof as possible, allowing them to produce diaphragmatic animation of various functionalities in the future if needed. But of course the client didn’t want to compromise with the visual quality and style that could be achieved in a studio.

So we didn’t. Our modeling team did an outstanding job of recreating the product using nothing but 6 photographs. And then we set about to create a texturing, lighting and rendering setup that would deliver as much photo-realism as possible given the timeline and the budget.

We also assembled a field production team to film their Senior Product Manager, Martin Hull here in Phoenix, allowing for quick editing and integration with the rest of the video. We were asked to match the look and feel of other existing internal video assets for continuity. Martin was able to fly in between meetings in other cities. His total time on the ground in Phoenix was less than 8 hours:



Here is the finished video: